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The Story of the Brand

The Inspiration Behind the Amnisia® Brand and the ultimate goal was to create a revolutionary and Truly Ultra-Premium Products that will transform the modern quality standards of the vodka market. Every step taken to build the Amnisia® brand and develop our products comes from years of research and real market needs. Our goal is to change the customer experience and the entire product launch process as well as the initial distribution, resulting in high accessibility in the very early stages. Amnisia Vodka® will be launched to the market in the third quarter of this year by our experienced management team led by a serial entrepreneur and vodka aficionado, Jakub K. Koziol.

We have created Amnisia Vodka® to elevate the premium vodka category around the world to another level. Our products are of the highest quality, and we believe that Amnisia® is probably the world’s best-tasting sipping Vodka accessible to everyone.

world of Amnisia

The world of Amnisia®

...is about those who want more, better, and bigger!

It’s a toast to the creators who are changing our reality and breaking all the barriers in search of perfection, innovation, and ultimate success. Amnisia® is all about new journeys! We believe that we all have the magic within us to change the world, find true happiness, and ultimately succeed. This world is meant for celebrating, but the world we see ourselves creating is meant to be toasted! A World of celebration and oblivion of happiness and success.

There are Vodkas, and there is Amnisia® – Taste the Difference!