The bold collection of Amnisia® vodkas where each expression is splendidly defined. Our products are the original and genuine expression of Ultra-Premium Vodka, created from the highest quality, carefully selected Organic Polish Grains varieties grown in one of the most pristine areas of Poland. Our unique 6/9 system – most innovative technology, ice blending, six-times distillation, 9-time filtration, and oxygenation process ensures the best possible delicate flavor. Amnisia® vodkas are best served neat or on the rocks, but great in a Martini or as a base to any cocktail. Extremely clean, almost odorless, and probably the smoothest and best-tasting sipping vodka in the world.

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The RTD “ready to drink” category has grown tremendously in the US market. Canned cocktails remain one of the hottest categories of alcoholic beverages, and the trend of explosive growth doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. That’s why we have developed a supporting line of products for our Vodkas that will be available to purchase online, in the supermarkets, and in convince stores – The Amnisia® Ultra-Premium Hard Seltzers and Amnisia® Ultra-Premium Craft Cocktails. Our Ready To-Drink products contain actual Amnisia® Vodka and only natural ingredients. Our products are different from the competition because our beverages are not malt-based, like many competitors’ products, which are closer to a beer than an actual cocktail.


The company plans to launch our ready-to-drink beverages in the fourth quarter of 2022.


  • No.1 Vodka Martini

    No.1 Vodka Martini

  • No.2 Cosmopolitan

    No.2 Cosmopolitan

  • No.3 Moscow Mule

    No.3 Moscow Mule

  • No.4 Screwdriver

    No.4 Screwdriver

  • No.5 Kamikaze

    No.5 Kamikaze

Amnisia® Ultra-Premium Craft Cocktails are made from the finest fruit juices and Amnisia® vodka.
Our cocktails are best to be drink chilled or simply poured over ice!

100% Natural / No Sugar Added / Organic / 80 to 100 Calories Per Bottle


  • Citrus fruits

    Citrus fruits

  • Coconut


  • Golden Pear

    Golden Pear

  • Pink Grapefruit

    Pink Grapefruit

Amnisia Vodka® Spritzes are made from a blend of crystalline water, Amnisia Vodka® base,
electrolytes, and fruits. Our Ultra-Premium Refreshing Vodka Spritzes come in 4 fruity flavors.

100% Natural / Electrolytes / No Sugar Added / Organic / 80 Calories Per Can